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AC Robertson Field, Sylvia Grove, Ringwood, Victoria, 3134

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AC Robertson Field, Sylvia Grove, Ringwood, Victoria, 3134

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President’s Corner – Week 8

President’s Corner – Week 8

Another exciting week of athletics with 16 athletes participating in the Little Athletics State Combined Championships.  To read up on that event and Ringwood results, go to this link 

This week was another massive week for athletes, achieving 224 PBs and 2 Centre records achieved by Jemma Whitaker in the U15G Javelin throwing an impressive 34.96m and to William Hayes our U13-U17 Multi Class athlete jumping a whopping 1.30m in the Long Jump.  Well done to all our athletes again this week. 

Things to know – Your Information Hub 

For any queries feel free to send an email to 

We are at Week 8 of Competition and up to Program C.  

Refer to our calendar:  

And our A, B, C program of events here:  

Coles Community Round 

This week is our Coles community round where we dress up in all things red to support our major sponsor.  Remember to wear your official uniform and of course your Coles patch.  Let’s have some fun with our Coles dress up this week.

Box Hill relays  

This Sunday is the Box Hill relays.  If you are participating, reach out to your age group manager who will have your event times.  There will be heats and finals, so it will be a long day.  I would get there well in advance of your event to find parking!  It will be a fun event, so for the 50 or so athletes, have a great day and go team Ringwood! 

EMR relays – Saturday 3rd Dec @ Ringwood 

Ringwood has not hosted an EMR event of this size for many years so we are excited.  All entries are in and make sure you have your athlete names submitted to Brooke now at  if you need more information, please reach out to your team relay age group manager or send an email to  It’s going to be a huge day at Ringwood.

Uniforms & Patches  

A reminder you must have a Coles patch sewn on your centre top, the proper shorts and an athlete’s patch must be visible at all times when competing (so no jumpers covering patches during an event). 

Duties – As usual we need your help so make sure you sign up for a duty.  If there are not enough volunteers it becomes very difficult to run events.  We are starting to get light on duties, so we will be asking for more help this week.  If you haven’t done a duty yet, now would be the time to volunteer.

Athlete Training 

There will be no training this Sunday as we will be at Box Hill relays. A sleep in for those that can!! 

Saturday 26th November – motivational speaker is coming to RLAC 

On Saturday 26th we will be hosting Ange Ritchie, a motivational speaker, who will run two targeted FREE (cost to club) sessions at the end of Saturday competition.   This is an important and exceptional opportunity for athletes to develop mindfulness skills that will support them through their athletic journey and beyond.  

SESSION 1: 9-12 year old boys and girls – 30mins 

 Key Topics 

  • Fun intro video. 
  • What do you love about running\athletics now?  
  • What running\athletics can be beyond what it is now 

SESSION 2: 13-17 year olds (mainly girls) – 30mins 

 Key Topics:  

  • Fun intro video 
  • Success you need three things:
    • Talent + Success mindset + A Goal (with a Why behind it)  

Some of Ange’s amazing sporting achievements include: 

  • 2nd Australian female in 2013 New York Marathon – time of 3hr 10. (1st marathon I’d done);  
  • Top 25 in my age group at 2016 World Championships in 70.3 Half Ironman; 
  • Competed in World Championships in Olympic Distance Triathlon (had too much going on in life and bombed out! A BIG learning!); 
  • 2 x Nationals competitor in Surf Boat Rowing;  
  • Completed 2 x Chain Reaction Charity rides over 7 days, 1000kms of riding with 10,000mtrs of elevation. (min fundraising to join is $5k for the 2 x charities we support annually);
  • Recently ran a Marathon – end June 2022, to support a friend who was running 7 marathons in 7 days in 7 cities for charity. 

I highly encourage your athletes to attend these sessions.