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AC Robertson Field, Sylvia Grove, Ringwood, Victoria, 3134

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AC Robertson Field, Sylvia Grove, Ringwood, Victoria, 3134

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Presidents corner – Week 2

Presidents corner – Week 2

Saturday 16th September – Season 2023-2024 – Week 2 of competition

Competition Week 2 and what a great day it was. Thanks to Michael Sukkar our local MP for presenting Abbey and Brodie their Deakin certificates and awards for 2023.   Just examples of our young coaches giving back to the community.  There were lots of familiar parent faces and some new ones to add into the mix.  Overall, it was a great day, of what will be a fantastic season at Ringwood Little Athletics Centre (RLAC).

Competition and school holidays  – There is no Saturday competition tomorrow!!

Competition resumes on 7th Oct.  Training is on this Sunday at 9am.  Have a great break.


I want to emphasise how important the centre is to our community and thank our many sponsors for their new and ongoing support.  Its great that our local businesses and politicians help our centre continually grow through their generous financial contributions. Thanks again to Michael Sukkar for coming down and being part of our morning and giving time to present two of our junior coaches with a very special community award.  We have a number of sponsors and packages all this information is on our website here:

We also have introduced  a new “members only” sponsor package targeted for  those families that have their own business ,  would like to sponsor the club and incorporate your athlete’s membership in the package.  Email us to find out how you can participate before you make the membership payment.

United and Richies IGA – Another simple way you can help the club is by downloading the United petroleum and Richies IGA digital cards.  The club gets a rebate once we exceed set thresholds, so please shop away and earn the club some easy funds.

United :

Richies IGA :

Volunteering – we need your help

As we are approaching week three of competition, parents need to reach out and help through volunteering their time each week.  Having “all hands on deck” assists our competition day to be more efficiently for everyone.  We will provide the weekly sign up link where all the duties are listed that need to be filled each week.  The more of you that volunteer, the less times you will need to.  Give a new activity a go, whether its cooking on the bbq or raking at an event, get out and be active and you will have a better chance at seeing your athlete perform up close.  Email us if there is a specific activity you would like to try out, eg High Jump event leader or Shot Put event leader.

We don’t want to apply any consequences for not helping out, but we may have to introduce a non-participation athlete rule for repeat avoiders.

Track weekly Setup & Packup

Each week an age group has been scheduled to assist with track setup usually from 8am.  Setup that’s completed before the start of the day  is very important so the day and program flows well.  Packing up is important as well so please before you leave, look around and offer a hand – more hands make light work!!  Refer to our calendar of events to see when your help is needed,


You the parent, or a suitable guardian, must remain with your athlete at training sessions and during Saturday competition.  This is a non- negotiable rule from Little Athletics Victoria (LAVic), so please adhere to this at all times.

Dogs – Dogs are not permitted during training or Saturday competition, which is another LAVic rule, you will be asked to leave.

Competition day safety – Parents and athletes, do not walk across the infield.  Parents cannot follow your child around the events, you must remain behind the bollards or around the grandstand areas, unless you have signed up to a duty.  Be aware that our older little athletes can throw a discus quite far into the infield and it can cause serious injury if it hits someone.  Also please remind your athletes not to  venture onto the track at any time and to check the track before crossing.  Quite often we witness many near misses with younger athletes not checking the track.

Training day safety – Parents please do not leave your athletes unattended at any time during our training sessions.  Also, please be aware of track etiquette.  What do I mean?  We share our track with senior athletes, so once we are finished our training on the front straight of the track and the seniors start their training, your athlete needs to keep the track clear.  Once those older athletes are moving, it is very hard for them to stop.  Be aware of the infield as well as the older athletes can throw quite far.  The simple rule for athletes is, be aware of what activities are happening around the track and field areas and make sure they keep themselves safe.

Sports balls – Please do not bring any of your sports balls to the track as they can injure an athlete or spectators inside the grandstands.

Build your knowledge – Athletics Training courses

Recently parents of Ringwood athletes attended an “ITLAS” training session.  That session took parents through, rules, tips and handy techniques across all events, so that parents could be more aware of how to teach athletes correct techniques for events.  I would encourage those who are interested to attend other available sessions.  The centre will cover your cost, once you show us your certification.  There are many other training sessions for parents available, refer to the schedule of training courses here:

ITLAS training :

Coaching, Officials, On Track and Volunteer training

Training sessions and School holidays – Training will continue over the school holidays and events offered will be based on coach availability.  Note that Training will not occur on Sunday October 1st over the grand final long weekend.

Session times are:  Middle Distance Training with John Walker, Monday & Wednesday from 4.30-5pm; Tuesday event training from 4:15-5.30pm for event training, followed by High Jump training on the apron with Mick and Hannah from 5.30-6.30 for younger age groups and lower heights, and then from 6.30-about 7pm for older athletes and higher heights.

Communication – There are many types of communication available to parents and family friends, so you can keep up to date and read our weekly news.

We have a FaceBook page :

An internal FaceBook :

Follow us on Instagram at :

Have a look at our website at :

Yes there is a lot of information here, but if you still have questions, ideas or what to whinge about something, please reach out at

Looking forward to seeing you all at the track,



RLAC President