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AC Robertson Field, Sylvia Grove, Ringwood, Victoria, 3134

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AC Robertson Field, Sylvia Grove, Ringwood, Victoria, 3134

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Competition & Program

Competition & Program

RLAC Competition days

A Ringwood or Centre competition day is our normal competition day at our centre.   Our competition day will typically be a Saturday morning, starting from about 8.30 for an 8.45 athlete warm up and concluding by 11.30.  These times are approximate and will be determined by the program type that day.

What does a normal competition day look like?

Typically a Track and Field competition day will commence with setup of equipment that includes:

  • Initial scan of track and surrounds first thing Saturday morning and a quick clean as required
  • IT & Timing setup
  • Hurdles (where required)
  • Bollards as required
  • Equipment trolleys transported to their events
  • Canteen setup, including bbq for sausages.

Setup requires the help of parent volunteers and should take no longer than 15minutes.

Competition Day 1 of the season there are always some initial teething issues to deal with as people learn and understand how competition days’ work and how they run.  We all need a little patience during this initial phase time.



How does a normal competition day run?

Prior to the competition start, track and field setup is required, as outlined above.  Once the initial setup is completed, a schedule of events, “the program”, will be published on our website.  The program will outline the start time and a schedule of events offered for the competition day.  The program will usually consist of a 15 minute warm up, a sprint, a circular, a throw and jump.

Once warm up is complete, athletes will be required to assemble with their Age Group Manager (AGM).  AGM’s will be announced on the first day of the season and will most likely not change.  The AGM’s are the key point of contact for the athletes.  AGM’s will have a basket prepared for them that will contain required communications, event recording sheets (for field event recording), a summary sheet of how to instruct an event and communications to athletes for upcoming events.  Once athletes have assembled with their AGMs, they are ready to start their first event.

Events will start sharply at 9am to ensure that the program will complete on time, with older athletes sometimes starting earlier with open throws.  Our announcer will call out an age group and direct your age group to the marshalling area to assemble as a group and then head over to commence your event.

HJ1A/TJ1A = High Jump Pit 1A/Triple Jump Pit 1A – Fence side (Closest to Sylvia Grove)

HJ1B/TJ1B = High Jump Pit 1B/Triple Jump Pit 1B – Track side  (Closest to Sylvia Grove)

HJ2A/TJ2A = High Jump Pit 2A/Triple Jump Pit 2A – Fence side (Closest to Cadbury)

HJ2B/TJ2B = High Jump Pit 2B/Triple Jump Pit 2B – Track side  (Closest to Cadbury)


There are two key marshalling points, the “green shed” or at the “pavilion marshalling point”, that I have marked on the Map above.  Once your group has been called and you assemble at one of the marshalling areas, you can commence your event.

When you arrive at the event, the AGM should perform an initial check by referring to the folder provided in the basket, to ensure the following (as required):

  • All equipment is on site (if you are the first group at an event you will need to setup);
  • The correct weight is provided for any throwing implements;
  • Recording sheets are printed;
  • You have enough assistance to perform the event;
  • Understand the rules of the event and know what to do;
  • Athletes have time to setup for an event (as required).

If there are any issues, please request assistance from our AGM co-coordinator Belinda Jones, in the first instance, or the first available committee member.

Once the athletes have completed an event, they proceed to the next scheduled event, or break, as per the program.  If you are the last group to complete an event, please pack up the event.


Once athletes have completed all the events on the program, they have completed their program. 

AGMs must return the baskets and any folders to the pavilion.  We ask that parent volunteers assist with packing up equipment, to restore the athletics track to its original condition.



Volunteers are the foundation to a successful centre and competition.  The assistance of parents during competition days is the determining factor between an “ok” competition day or a “great” competition day.  At RLAC, we have created a weekly sign up duties roster based on the number of volunteers required to execute a great competition day.  We request that parents allocate themselves a duty once the roster is available to ensure that we can run competition successfully.

The more parent helpers involved, the less number of times everyone will need to volunteer.  Please be involved and it can be very rewarding to learn something new and feel part of a community.



In season 2022-2023, the program (schedule of events) has been updated to an “A,B,C” programming format.  The guiding principle in constructing the program is to offer a throw, sprint, jump and circular each week. The events on offer for each age group for each program are described below.  Note that events and the program may change based on extreme weather conditions, special events and disruptions.