Executive Committee

President:Michael Smith
Vice President:Stephen Smith
Secretary:Jennelle Doyle
Minutes Secretary:Brooke Clarke
Treasurer:Jonathan Peake
Registrar:Jenny Kirby


Special Events:Irene Harris
Records & Results:Belinda Jones
Program:Lyn Whitaker
RACSCC (Committee
To Council):
Jason Fabre
Catering/Canteen:Andrea & Evan Badlee
Uniforms:Andrea Badlee
Chief Starter:Chris Boschetti
Multi-Class Representative:Robyn McLaren
Volunteers Official:Carly Hall
COVID-Safe Officers (CSOs):Irene Harris
Brad Buyck
General Committee:Jason Neale

Contact Us

You can use the ‘Contact Us’ form on our Home Page or via email at

Our mail address is:

Ringwood Little Athletics
PO Box 31
Ringwood East Victoria 3135