Box Hill Relay Day

Sunday 21st February, 2021

The Box Hill Relay Day will be held on Sunday 21st February at Hagenauer Reserve, Barwon St, Box Hill North. This is a great opportunity to run your teams in a competitive and fun environment before Regional Relays. The event is open to all Centres and entries are via the Centre. Races conditions are controlled by EMR starters.

With COVID restrictions, we have had to modify the program from past years to take into account restrictions on numbers. To that end, we have made the following changes:

  • Relay program for U8-U16 age groups only
  • U8-U11’s will run in the morning (timetable forthcoming)
  • U12-U16’s will run in the afternoon (timetable forthcoming)
  • Mixed sex teams for U12-16’s only 
  • Medley will be a Swedish Medley in line with LAVic requirements (ie 1×100, 1×200, 1×300, 1×400)

Registration Details
Registrations are to be submitted by the LAVic Centre. No individual registrations will be accepted.

The attached Registration Form will provide the exact details on what events we are running for each age group. Where the square is blacked out for an age group, it signifies that that event is not available for that age group.

The cost per team is $16. Please enter the number of teams for each age group and each event into the appropriate cell. For example, if you are entering 2 teams for the U10G 4×100 event, enter 2 into the appropriate square. The fees will be automatically calculated for each line item and the total payment and teams will also be automatically calculated. 

Contact and payment details are also included on the registration form. Please note that the deadline for entries is Wednesday 10th February. It would be appreciated if entries could be finalised and submitted by Centres by this date in order to allow us to enter all the teams in Meet Manager.

If you have any questions…or if anything is unclear, please contact Rajinder Atwal by return email or on 0438 045 936.